Dumaguete City Tour Itinerary - 1 day

Backpacking, Hiking | Dumaguete City Tour Itinerary
Dumaguete town, church and belfry, Rizal Boulevard, Silliman University, Sibulan port, twin lakes
Specs: Town walking tour, food trip, hiking, souvenir shopping.
Duration: 1 day

Cebu - Dumaguete Ferry Crossing Guide

Arrival in Dumaguete (Sibulan port)

If you check a map, you'll find that the southern tip of Cebu Island is almost connected to the town of Dumaguete. A narrow channel splits the two, so a ferry crossing is necessary. Here is a quick guide on how to travel from Cebu to Dumaguete (and vice versa) via ferry boat.

The Palabok Connection | Santa Ana Heritage Tour - Part 3

Palabok - that noodle dish topped with egg, chicharon and calamansi - you think you know it very well, but do you ever wonder what that orange stuff is made of?

Palabok: the real thing!

Together with Santa Ana Heritage Tours head tour guide, Boyet, and Fundacion Santiago representative, Cheska, we venture into Santa Ana's public market to sample this traditional delicacy. A number of stalls sell their own 'original' version, which have gained quite a following among locals (and now, including balikbayans).
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