The Palabok Connection | Santa Ana Heritage Tour - Part 3

Palabok - that noodle dish topped with egg, chicharon and calamansi - you think you know it very well, but do you ever wonder what that orange stuff is made of?

Palabok: the real thing!

Together with Santa Ana Heritage Tours head tour guide, Boyet, and Fundacion Santiago representative, Cheska, we venture into Santa Ana's public market to sample this traditional delicacy. A number of stalls sell their own 'original' version, which have gained quite a following among locals (and now, including balikbayans).

Lilac Street Food Crawl - Marikina | Part 2

The sun was setting fast and our bellies were far from full (so far, we've only tried 2 places). We venture across the road and spot a short row on Rainbow Street.

Working up an appetite along Lilac St.

In case you missed it, here's a link to Part 1.

Lilac Street Food Crawl - Marikina | Part 1

There's a new foodie strip in Metro Manila that everybody's been talking about: Lilac Street in Marikina. This stretch of road is dotted with delightful food joints you don't usually find in malls. There was nothing to do one Saturday afternoon, so me and my sisters decided to do a Lilac Street food crawl.

Bennt II Building: Infinitea and Cupcake Bites Cafe
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