Review: Bohol Coco Farm, Panglao, Bohol

Provncial comfort
Resort Review | Bohol Coco Farm
Panglao, Bohol

A pasta out of coconut meat?!? I just had to see (and taste) it for myself - Bohol Coco Farm's most popular dish from their organic menu.

Panglao Island had been elusive the past four times I've visited Bohol. As a first-timer, Alona Beach was the first choice. But after crunching the numbers on the budget, less popular options were considered.

Bohol Coco Farm is an off-beach backpacker type B&B. It features an in-house restaurant that serves self-grown organic food.

The New YMCA Manila Swimming Pool

One summer morning, I was in the vicinity of Manila City Hall. There beside SM Manila is a newly renovated YMCA. Decided to check out their pool, and I was blown away.

The old swimming pool was decent; but this new one is way better! New tiles, and more space

Kayaking in Mactan, Cebu

Learning to kayak

Estrera Beach House, Marigondon

Just across Plantation Bay is a family vacation house-turned-dive center - Stella Maris Dive Experts, one of the only two dive centers in Mactan Island that offers instructional diving course. Kayaking activities were introduced there last year by Isla Adventures. These include Basic Kayak Clinic for beginners, Kayak Clinic Plus, Moonlight Paddling (night kayak) tours and most notably, the Cebu-Bohol (Mactan-Getafe) kayak expedition. Chico Estrera, together with his partner Randy Salazar, facilitates the kayak clinics and trips.
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