2GO Travel: A Diary

Before low-cost airline carriers came about, sea travel was the budgetarian way to go. Travelling by ship in the Philippines is basic stuff. It's very efficient in getting you from point A to B in this 7000-strong archipelago.

Open deck

Odd as it may sound, spending a night aboard a passenger ship is something that's only recently ticked off my bucket list, so excuse the amateur ship lingo from here on.

El Nido, Palawan Itinerary - 2 days

Backpacking, Beach | El Nido, Palawan Itinerary
El Nido town, Nacpan Beach, Las Cabanas Beach.
Specs: El Nido town sightseeing, food trip, island hopping tour, water falls hike, souvenir shopping.
Duration: 2 days

Dumaguete City Tour Itinerary - 1 day

Backpacking, Hiking | Dumaguete City Tour Itinerary
Dumaguete town, church and belfry, Rizal Boulevard, Silliman University, Sibulan port, twin lakes
Specs: Town walking tour, food trip, hiking, souvenir shopping.
Duration: 1 day
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