Mt. Tagapo Itinerary: day hike

View from the Top: Talim Island edge and Laguna Lake fisheries
Hiking, Mountain Climbing | Mt. Tagapo Itinerary
Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island, Binangonan, Rizal (Laguna de Bay)
Specs: Moderate trekking. View of towns around Laguna de Bay on the summit.
438 MASL
Trekking time: 3.5 hours


Things to consider:
. Climbing this mountain is not physically demanding, but it is not a popular destination. The campsite will most likely be overgrown with cogon grass when you climb, especially during off season months (off season months/rainy season: July- Nov)
. The mountain is between two Rizal towns: Binangonan and Cardona.
. There is no water source on this mountain
. Buy necessary items before taking the boat trip (at the Binangonan public market), resources on the island is limited
. Campsite can fit about 20 tents
. There is a deep pit on the summit (a result of treasure hunt digging in the past), climbing the summit at night is not recommended
. The summit offers a 360-degree view of Laguna de Bay surrounding the island.
. The trailhead can be found behind the Sto Domingo church and Janosa High School
. Bamboo trees line the forest trail before reaching the grassy campsite
. Last boat trip from the island is 7:00PM

. There is also a boat coming from Laguna towns, you might wanna check those if you are coming from South
. You may request for a guide from the barangay
. You may hire a boat if your group is big, just make sure you contact the boat man ahead of time
. If you stay overnight, you will see fantastic city lights of Rizal (Mt. Sembrano), Ortigas, Makati and Laguna. No stunning sunset view though. Adjust the IT by adding about 30-min to 1-hr trek time going up and down the mountain because you'll be carrying heavier packs
. When you get back to Barangay Janosa, drop by the local manufacturers of bamboo products to get cheap, but of good quality home furnishings and accessories.

Budget: around P310 per pax.
Budget estimate for 5 people:
250 EDSA Crossing Terminal to Binangonan Pier (~P50)
250 Jeep/FX back to Manila (~P250)
250 Boat fare (~P25 one-way)
50 Barangay fees
300 Guide fee (~P100-300)
500 Food
250 misc

Barangay Janosa (dried fish, Sto Domingo church)

View of campsite from summit

View on the other side of the mountain

Sunset on campsite

Itinerary and expenses recorded on March 2, 2008

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