Pico de Loro Itinerary: day hike

'Parrot's Beak' monolith adjacent to the summit
Hiking, Mountain Climbing | Pico de Loro via ‘Magnetic hill’ (traditional trail)
Mt. Palay Palay/Mataas na Gulod, Ternate, Cavite
Specs: Minor climb, monolith rock at the summit, view of Hamilo coast
688 MASL (taken from waypoints.ph)
Trek to summit: 3-4 hours


Things to consider:
. Mt. Palay palay is commonly known as Mt. Pico de Loro which translates to "Parrot's Beak".
· Some parts of the trail have bamboo fences, installed by locals, make sure to close them after passing through
. Residents at the first kubo (about 30 minutes from jumpoff) will ask for a minimal entrance fee (another registration?), you may in turn request for water refill or use their restroom
· There’s a water source at the biggest campsite (one of 3 campsites).
. Make sure to remind the hired trike/jeep to return on a specific time to pick you up (better yet, get a cellphone number)
. Rolling trail to campsite; steep trail from campsite to summit
. Bamboo trees line the trail to the summit
. Summit offers a 360-degree view of Maragondon, Manila Bay, Hamilo coast and Batangas mountains (Batulao and Talamitam)
. To go back to the ‘Magnetic hill’ jumpoff, turn left (up a steep trail) before the Maragondon-Ternate crossing (look out for the sign board)

. Taking a private car reduces travel time by around 30 minutes
. Other assembly options: Lawton bus station, Baclaran-Roxas boulevard, Alabang Metropolis
. You may choose to stay overnight, just bring necessary equipment and adjust itinerary accordingly (make sure to add about 30 minutes trekking time because you'll be carrying heavier packs)
. There are 3 campsites before the trail to the summit
· Hire a trike for small climbing groups; hire a jeep for big climbing groups
. There's a trail to traverse the mountain, it will lead you to Barangay Papaya, Nasugbu, Batangas
. If you wish to climb the monolith at the summit, do so with extreme caution
. Back at the jumpoff, you may choose to spend the night at a Puerto Azul beach resort, Pico Sands Hotel or Caylabne Bay beach resort.

Not available at this time

Bamboo-lined summit assault trail

Panoramic shot using film camera, stitched in Photoshop (click to enlarge).

Itinerary recorded years ago :)

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