Canyoning in Kawasan, Cebu: Adventure Tour Itinerary

Kawasan Falls Canyoning (Canyoneering)

Philippine Adventure Consultants offers adventure tours to Kawasan in Badian, Cebu.

Philippine Adventure Consultants
Contact number: 0932-8844419
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This is not your ordinary Kawasan Falls excursion. A must for adventure and thrill seekers, the trip will start at the lush Matutinao Valley, about 2 Kms upstream of Kawasan Falls. Canyoneers will be challenged to swim, crossing freshwater blue lagoons, jump small waterfalls and explore the canyon’s wild inhabitants and unique rock formation. The remoteness and lack of habitation have kept the area untouched and preserved, an unforgettable experience with nature.

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: Go-for it-attitude and swimming skill
Duration: 1 day activity. Option of overnight stay at Moalboal beach (Basdaku)
Call or text for package prices (Includes transportation from Cebu City, gear rental, guide fee, entrance fees)

• For safety reasons, participants are limited up to 10 persons per trip and schedules are subject to weather condition.

• Detail of the itinerary is subject to change.


6:00am - Pick-up at Cebu City and start our trip to Badian.
9:00am – Arrive at Matutinao Valley, 30-minute trek to river head
9:30am – Start Canyoning activity, downstream river trek towards Kawasan Falls
12:00pm – Arrive at Kawasan river dam, end of canyoning activity
12:30pm – Arrive and lunch at Kawasan Falls, Bamboo raft ride, etc.
2:00pm – Leave Kawasan Falls and head back to the city
5:00pm – Arrive at Cebu City

(Overnight stay at Moalboal Beach, optional)
12:00pm – Resort check-out
1:00pm – Trip back to Cebu City
4:00pm – Arrive at Cebu city, end of tour.

Post updated on July 30, 2012
Contact number updated April 2013


  1. awesome! darn, gotta stay away from adventurous activities for the time being.

  2. yeah. those can wait. when kaba due?

  3. Hi,
    I'm heading to Cebu this weekend. It'll be my first time in the Phillipines. I was wondering if this tour is safe and respectable. Sorry to ask such a question..

    Thank you.

    I really hope they're ok. That way I can go try it since I've never done such a thing.

  4. Hi,
    This tour is operated by friends of mine. They are experienced outdoorsmen, so I can vouch for their respectability and safety.
    You'd need to gather a group of at least 5 persons to get started though (to maximize equipment use and costs).
    Once in Cebu City, be sure to try my other Cebu itineraries.
    Let me know how your trip goes!

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. is this the one with wolfgang?

    i sooo wanna do canyoning in Kawasan! but i've read mahal yung rate... :(

  6. Hi,
    This one is operated by Ralph and Larry. It's not that expensive since all-in package na sya :)
    Go na! Try it!

  7. need talaga marunong lumangoy? wala bang life vest?

  8. @Anonymous

    Not really, they provide life vests but you should at least know how to paddle :)

    There'll be a lot of jumping in water, so exciting!

  9. what is canyoning? what do you actually do?

  10. HI! I would love to try this one. Us this the canyoning Biyahe ni Drew featured?

  11. Hi! i'm visiting Cebu next week. I would like to know more about Canyoning Packages you guys are offering. Is the number above still active? Who should i look for to reserve? THANKS A LOT!

  12. hi, yes 0932-8844419 is working - look for Larry :)


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