Review: Bayview Park Hotel - Manila

Hotel Review | Bayview Park Hotel
Roxas Boulevard cor. United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines

We flopped straight to bed, so there's no 'empty bed' shot
Aside from being the most convenient hotel to stay at the night before your US Embassy VISA appointment, Bayview Park Hotel has more to offer. 

We stayed in this hotel primarily because of its strategic location - facing the US Embassy in Manila. If you have an important appointment you'd better set up camp someplace near to avoid unwanted circumstances like traffic or worse, getting lost.


update: New snapshot of Junior suite room taken Nov. 2012

My baby sound asleep.
Our room had the basics: a queen bed, side table, dresser, cable TV, personal ref, shower-tub and toiletries. It had a double door that adjoins the other room - in case a bigger group checks in. Everything was clean and working, although they didn't look new anymore.

I have a tendency to over criticize bathrooms because I want those to be hospital-clean everywhere I check-in. For this hotel review, I can gladly say that our room in Bayview Park Hotel Manila met my expectations for that even though the fixtures could use an update.

The corridors of this hotel feels like it's of a condominium's - they are spacious unlike other hotels which have narrow, carpeted halls. I liked the big open space where the scenic elevator runs. If I remember correctly, our hotel room was on the 6th floor.

update: T&B - picture taken on Nov 2012
The only thing that I can maybe rant about our room was its lack of window view. The room that we got was facing the back side of the building. Hence, there was no stunning view of Manila Bay. If you plan to book a room in this hotel, make sure you request for a room facing Roxas Boulevard or United Nations Avenue at least.


Bayview Park Hotel is conveniently located in commercial Manila. It is about 30 minutes away from the domestic and international airports and about 45 minutes from Makati business district. It's also a stone's throw away from many of Manila's tourist attractions such as the Luneta Park and National Museum. For your immediate needs, you can visit the nearby Robinson's Place Mall or the many establishments lined up in United Nations Avenue. Use my Manila City tour itinerary to get around the city.

Here is a map of Bayview Park Hotel in Manila:

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Sleepyheads in the front desk
(somebody get rid of the tacky green record book!)
Don't be discouraged by the hotel's lack of grand entrance. The staff are pretty OK. It's not exactly 5-star hotel so there may be some flaws in the receptionist's English or untidiness in the bellboy's suit. Overall, as long as they do their job well, that's all that matters - and that they did alright! We had to request for a late check-out and the font desk gladly gave us an hour extension.

The buffet breakfast is served in the hotel cafe in the lobby area. there's nothing special about it. It's just your regular toast, egg, sausage and drinks - buffet style.The room did have some instant coffee, tea and an electric water heater for your instant noodles.

Overall, you can't go all wrong when you stay in this hotel. It's guaranteed to meet your accommodation needs plus more.

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