DIY: Boracay Packages

More than 5 days of non-stop rain got me dreaming about summer. I miss walking barefoot on the beach, having a drink and waiting for the sun to set. I definitely miss Boracay, having been there only once, I think it's about time to go back!

Boracay packages are easy to come by when you approach any local travel agency. This tropical paradise has one of the highest tourist turnovers each day, even during off-peak months. If I may say so, I think there's a plane arriving in Boracay's Caticlan airport every hour!

  • Tiger Airways-SEAir
  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • PAL Express
  • Air Asia-Zest
*From Caticlan airport, Boracay Island is only a 6-minute boat ride away.

As a thrifty traveler, I make my decisions based on my alloted budget so most trips call for DIY itineraries. I must admit, many boracay packages are designed for deep-pocketed foreign tourists!

Here are my suggestions for those who feel like doing their own thing in Bora. Simply put together your own itinerary using the activity choices listed below.


  1. Whole body massage by the beach
  2. Banana boat/Flying fish/Parasailing/Jet ski/Water ski
  3. Snorkeling
  4. Reef walking/Helmet diving/Aquanaut
  5. Sunbathing by the beach
  6. Strolling (station 1-3)
  7. D*Mall shopping
  8. D'Talipapa seafood market
  9. Sunset Paraw sailing
  10. Check out Shangri-La Hotel
  11. Swimming in the beach
  12. Swimming in the pool
  13. Souvenir shopping
  14. ATV to the top of the island
  15. Henna tattoo
  16. Fruit shakes
  17. Cliff diving
  18. Puka beach boat trip
  19. Beach volleyball in station 1
  20. Dead forest
  21. Butterfly farm
  22. Golf at Fairways and Bluewater
  23. Helicopter ride
  24. Intro diving course
  25. Foodie Trip in restaurants
  26. Street foodie trip (Chori burger)
  27. Custom made sand castle by locals
  28. Bar hopping
  29. Poi dancing
  30. Taking pictures till your memory card is maxed out!

The weekends preceding Easter Sunday and Labor day weekend is probably the busiest weekends in Bora. Outside those weekends, I can confidently say that you'll never run out of room accommodations in Boracay. Nonetheless, you may check out this page for an extensive list of Boracay resorts/hotels.

It's been 5 years so I hope my next visit will be soon! I expect a lot of things have changed, hopefully the big hotels dialed things down because those big structures were the reason I wasn't too eager to go back then.

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