Bohol City Tour Itinerary

A wonder of nature, no wonder!
Backpacking | Bohol City Tour Itinerary
Bohol Island Province, Philippines
Hours: whole day tour
Specs: Historical churches, river cruise, lunch buffet, Tarsiers, chocolate hills, souvenir shopping, ATV adventure, first time essential destinations.

. This itinerary is ideal for those arriving in Tagbilaran, Bohol in the morning. This should also work for those staying in Panglao Island or other Bohol beach resorts.
. You can have breakfast in Tagbilaran City, where you’d also arrange your van rental.
. After breakfast, head to Tagbilaran Port (Pier) parking lot where rental cars can be found. Drivers are very friendly, so work your haggling skills to get a good price. Basically, the newer the vehicle, the higher the price.
. The drivers will most likely have their own tour package to offer, where they will base their price. Some may even have laminated pictures of the destinations. Rentals can range from P1500 up to P4500 for a whole day tour (excluding entrance fees and meals).
. To save money on van rental, you can join other groups to fill the van. Just make sure you leave enough space for pasalubongs!
. The first stop, hinagdanan cave is a 10-minute drive from Tagbilaran City center. Entrance fee is P15.
. The Blood Compact monument is located along the road on your way to Baclayon church. A quick stop for photos is recommended.
. The Baclayon Church is a must-see historical structure. It is debatably the second oldest stone church in the country (after San Agustin Church in Manila). Entrance fee to the church museum is P25.
. Entrance fee to the Phyton sanctuary is P15. It houses the world largest and heaviest phyton snake, named Prony.
. You can find tarsiers in many places around Bohol, so ask your driver to take you to the nearest one before you have your lunch.
. Come lunch time, troop to Loay dock, the starting point of Loay-Loboc river cruise, for a scenic buffet lunch. Filipino dishes are served in the buffet. It costs about P300 to go on board, plus a P100 conservation fee. The cruise features a cultural show along the river, so prepare some change for donations. The whole noontime affair should set you back around P400.
. If possible, get off at the Loboc dock, to check out the hanging bridge. That area is also popular for their cheap souvenirs and snacks (yes, more food!).
. The Chocolate Hills view deck in Carmen is a 30-minute drive away from Loboc. Don’t forget to make a quick stopover at the man-made forest in Bilar.
. The entrance fee to Chocolate Hills view deck in Carmen is P50 per person, plus parking fee for your van.
. For the more adventurous, an ATV ride through the chocolate hills is the next agenda (P1200-P1500 per person). If you prefer a more leisurely activity, you can go to the butterfly sanctuary in Bilar instead (P20 entrance fee).
. Review your day’s adventures (and pictures) over dinner at Bohol Bee Farm, before heading back to home base – at a Bohol resort (Panglao or Tagbilaran), Back to the airport, or back to the wharf.

. Going around is easier when you rent a van, but local transportation is also available in the form of tricycles.
. If you’re going alone, you may look into renting a ‘single’ motorbike instead.
. You can take a morning swim in Hinagdanan cave; just bring a set of dry clothes.
. If you’re done with Baclayon church ahead of schedule, you can also drop by the Albuquerque church, another turn-of-the-century church.
. You may skip the buffet lunch and opt for a regular carinderia lunch instead. After lunch, you can go to Loboc for a short river cruise, less the food.
. The Chocolate Hills view deck in Carmen is being given a run for its money by the Sagbayan peak view deck because it features other attractions like a swimming pool. This is farther, though, so you may have to pay extra on van rental and maybe skip the ATV ride.
. Other activities in Bohol include diving, island hopping, hiking in Magsaysay park, ziplining and bungee jumping in Danao.
. If time permits, or if you decide to skip one major stop on the itinerary, maybe you can convince your driver to venture west, to visit the Punta Cruz watchtower and the Loon church.

Budget: around P1365 per pax (plus P1500 per person for ATV ride)
Budget estimate for 4 people:
2500 Rental van/car
  560 entrance fees
1600 Lunch buffet/river cruise
[6000 ATV ride]
 600 (donations, tips)
 200 misc

*tricycle is a 3-wheeled passenger motorcycle

Blood compact monument

No flash photography to these cute little creatures!

Haha! let me indulge here ;p

Bilar man-made forest, very peaceful

River cruise

Twas raining, but the show must go on!

Creepy looking tree

At the Chocolate Hills view deck in Carmen


  1. Bohol is truly worth visiting over and over again.

  2. You should also try visiting Sagbayan Peak for a better view of the chocolate hills :)

  3. i want to smoke weed in bohol while looking at the chocolate hills

  4. I'm planning another Bohol tour itinerary that would include Sagbayan Peak :)


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