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Hotel Review | Marriott Hotel
Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Ayala Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines

Last holiday, we decided to level up our Christmas eve by checking-in to Marriott Hotel. Marriott Rewards Points on hand, booking was a breeze. We didn't even stumble upon blocked dates, like what usually happens on airline reward systems when booking peak season dates.

It was my second time to stay in this hotel, but I was still excited, for I read that all the rooms have been refurbished. I was eager to see what things have changed.


Adjacent to the largest mall-complex (there's walkway in the pool area that leads straight to Ayala Terraces!) and a few steps away from some of the multinational corporate offices in Cebu City, Marriott Hotel is strategically located in the posh Ayala business park.

From the airport, the hotel is about a 25-minute taxi ride away. According to their website, an airport shuttle service can be requested for P725. This is too expensive, considering the taxi fare should only cost about P250. When commuting, you can never go wrong with jeepneys that say "AYALA" on their signboard. Those things stop at the Ayala transport terminal.

Here is a map of Marriott Hotel in Ayala, Cebu:

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The hotel lobby was modestly decked out with Christmas cheer, but that didn't sway us from feeling the Christmas spirit. I was excited to be away from the usual household scenery (and chores!). 

The hall was quiet, and I was glad not to catch a whiff of cigarette stink from the walls nor the carpet. The first thing that came to mind when we came inside our room was "Where is the Christmas tree?" It was immediately a feeling of comfort, seeing the well-made bed and a welcome snack waiting by the window.

The room layout was just as I remembered it. The room furniture have changed - they got rid of the chunky chairs and lamp shades in exchange for more sleek ones (check out the TV!). I love the new steel-and-leather manager's' chair they put by the reading table.

Another thing I noticed was the addition of the wall texture above the headboard. It gives a dramatic ethnic appeal to the room, but it still feels modern. The only thing I'd comment about is the C-shaped steel table, because it reminds me of a hospital overbed table - not a nice feeling.

I give 5 stars to the bathroom. Everything was sparkly clean and the toiletry provisions were excellent! I fell in love with lemograss bath essentials during our stay in Heritage hotel, so I was ecstatic when I tested out Marriott's set.

Snacks and drinks are also ready for consumption for those who don't feel like stepping out to the store.

Overall the room size was just right for single or double occupants. Anything more than that would make the room too crowded. But in our case, three isn't a crowd!

Little one, enjoying the view

There is nothing to complain about, service-wise, during our brief stay at Marriot hotel. In fact, I really had a pleasant time! The staff were courteous and eager to help. Even the room attendant on our floor greeted me a Merry Christmas when I passed him by the hall.

The hotel offered Christmas eve dinner that night for P950, but we opted to have dinner in Ayala instead. When we came back, the poolside entertainment was in full swing. A cook was rockin' the outdoor grill while a samba band played tropical versions of Christmas tunes. We stayed in the patio to listen to a few songs.


Buffet breakfast on Christmas day was my favorite! It was served in the 12th floor executive lounge.

The first time we went up, our card keys didn't work, so we had to go back to our room and make a call to make sure that breakfast was indeed included in our booking.

We were glad to find out that they allow breakfast for 3, unlike other hotels which only allow one for every single booking. A room attendant came knocking on our door right away to give us 2 new card keys.

The selections were delish. There weren't a lot of heavy choices but it doesn't matter because their crispy bacon says it all! Hot water and eggs are available upon request. I didn't know the latter, so I wasn't able to get my egg fix that morning.


Here are some more photos.

An inner room in the Executive Lounge with 2 computers and a small meeting table

Pool at daytime (additional charge if you want to use it)

Patio overlooking the pool
Marriott Hotel did not disappoint me in the two times I've stayed there. For those wishing to book there, I'd say it is the best choice for travelers who intend to stay in the city for business with only a little time to go out for a tour or go shopping. My only regret is not having tried their special Christmas Eve buffet dinner, so that's definitely on my to-do list the next time I book a room with them.

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