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What are the things you want to try this year? Are there places you absolutely have to see in your lifetime? I have a lot!

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Every once in a while, I make a mental note of interesting places and travel goals (My social network does a great job in showing me these things). Some of them are fulfilled, while others still remain a possibility. If you've read The Secret, you probably know what I'm about to do.

I'm doing visualization to attract the things that I want. So here's my Philippine travel bucket list. Hopefully this inspires you to dream big, too!

*Last updated: February 23, 2013*

  1. See, walk, swim Batanes - It's been my dream destination since I discovered the Philippine map.
  2. Hop Bucas Grande Islands in Surigao - I missed out on this destination the last time I was in the area.
  3. Visit Dinagat Island - Generally unexplored and totally away from the tourist trail.
  4. See a humpback whale in Babuyan - After seeing the Whale shark up-close in Cebu, I now want to see more!
  5. Jump the bungee in Danao, Bohol - It's. really. wild.
  6. Check out the 3-lighthouses of Cape San Agustin (GovGen) - Lighthouses always leave me at awe, and they got three!
  7. Swim and surf with the dugongs and turtles of Mati, Davao - I want to see a sea turtle in the wild!
  8. Climb Mt.Guiting Guiting in Romblon - The veteran mountaineers I know always put this mountain on the top of their 'best mountains to climb' list.
  9. Finish the Appalachian of Luzon, the Bontoc Circuit - The extended hiking trip of my dreams.
  10. Very far-fetched, but I want to snorkel or dive the Tubbataha - Hey, we're all entitled to dream big.
  11. Beach bum at El Nido, Palawan - Ahh.. to bask in the sun in a perfect island getaway..  (March 5-9, 2015)
  12. Brave the Pacific in Polilio Islands - So near Manila, yet so far...
  13. To walk the streets of Tawi-tawi - Feels foreign, but totally Filipino.
  14. See a Tamaraw in the wild - An endangered endemic specie that I wish would be protected even further for my kid to see.
  15. Ride the Bicol Express all the way! - When I was a kid, our house boy told me about his journey back to his hometown in Bicol. I haven't forgotten about that.
  16. Camp out in Padre Burgos, Quezon - A friend highly recommends this place.
  17. Taste freshly-picked Guimaras Mangoes - Even after the oil spill disaster, their mangoes are still undisputed!
Climbing Mt. Kinabalu - dream come true!

There you go. It's a working list, so let's cross these out one at a time!

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