The Case of the Curious Package from Gen San

NAIA Terminal 3

It was a particularly busy August afternoon in the airport arrival hall. Even though me and my kid were intentionally the last people to deplane, I still managed to catch up with the other passengers who took their time talking on their mobile phones and taking turns in the comfort room.

Passengers of Cebu and General Santos flights
I snagged one of the few remaining empty push carts and maneuvered my way into the unusually thick crowd in front of the baggage carousel. As it turns out, two flights' worth of cargo will be served by a single carousel.

A peculiar cargo caught my attention
It didn't take long before luggages of different colors and sizes started rolling in. Included in the mix are small parcels, duffel bags and beat up boxes held together by packaging tape. Then there it was: a peculiar cargo caught my attention.

It's a box... it's a bag... It's...
A large, bulbous, almond-shaped package, camouflaged in brown packaging tape as if trying to be unassuming. But for a city person like me, it's just too curious.

Could it be? No, it can't possibly be...

Its owner didn't pick it up on its first round and I caught sight of it again - now up close. It's just too darn obvious!

Cargo: more fun the in the Philippines!
What a fitting pasalubong from General Santos City, THE Tuna capital of the Philippines!

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