Lilac Street Food Crawl - Marikina | Part 2

The sun was setting fast and our bellies were far from full (so far, we've only tried 2 places). We venture across the road and spot a short row on Rainbow Street.

Working up an appetite along Lilac St.

In case you missed it, here's a link to Part 1.
Writing this now, I learn that Rainbow Street has its own set of characteristic establishments, too - like an extension of Lilac Street. I'll share that foodie adventure next time.

This is now home to Chubbies Qcina

So, back in Lilac, our group troop over to Chubbies Qcina. As the logo suggests, I assume this homely cafe is run by two plump chefs. Operating from a converted home, there's the feeling of being a visitor in someone else's abode, instead of being a customer.

Chubbies has an extended menu, consisting of dessert-coffee, pizza-pasta and pinoy favorites. We saw a group on the veranda just wrapping up their early liquid dinner sesh. Our group agreed on Baked Alfredo Penne and Iced Choc-nut.

While waiting for our orders, we were provided with a pitcher of water and colored mason jar-type mugs. Our tablescape is slowly becoming Instagram-worthy! The Penne pasta was a winner! It was creamy and topped generously with gooey cheese sauce and parmesan cheese.

There was a bit of a mixup with our Iced Choc-Nut, though. We were served Iced Caramel. Since we were first timers, we didn't know what it was supposed to look like, so we downed it anyway.

The Iced Caramel was a lovely, buttery, caramely, calorie delight! It was served in a mug as large as our water pitcher.

Later on, we noticed a server looking confused with what looked like an Iced Choc-Nut on her tray (chocnut bits on top of the whipped cream gave it away). By that time, we were certain that our drink wasn't correct.

The server seemed aware but simply ignored the fact that there had been a mixup. She drank it for herself and changed our order slip instead (without informing us).

We didn't make a deal out of it, since we were charged for what we were served. We're still happy overall - in fact we returned there with our family the next day to try their other offerings!

By this time we were partially full, so we went for another stroll. For some savory dinner, we juggled between Concho's Sisig, Barney's Burger, Crazy Katsu or Singlish Cafe (Lotsa choices, I tell ya).

Other interesting places were: Crepe Man, Picazza, Crazy Chicken and Hungry Chan. We settled for Singlish Cafe, a Singaporean fusion place.

The place was abuzz with a few dining guests. The interiors were clean and minimally decorated. We perused their clipboard menu for quite a while, since none of us knew better about Sing-cuisine. Finally, we picked Plain Roti Prata and a Laksa.

The Roti was so-so. I thought the pastry was too chewy and the dip was a little runny. The Laksa was similarly runny for our tastes. I guess we were looking for a spicy and thicker broth taste. We finished both dishes anyhow!

Next on our list was a battle between Udderly Delicious Milkshakes or the Cookie Mug place we've read about but haven't seen yet. We asked the server in Singlish and she pointed us to the right direction.

Walking there, we spot a few more interesting food stops (for next time), most notably Miguel &bMaria, which had its parking spaces full that night.

Cookie Mug Snack Lounge is a cozy all-around coffee shop hangout. What separates it from other coffee places, though, is their unique cookie shots. We got 3 of the small ones and sampled their milk, choco and mocha.

The drinks were as described. We also got a monster cupcake which was sweet and moist. The cookie shots were sturdy enough to withstand our lengthy drinking session. I even got to take a couple of cups for home use.

Lilac Street is a great place to spend some wholesome good time. I'll be back, for sure, to check out and share the other cool spaces in the area.

Second batch of expenses
Chubbies Alfredo Penne 175
                Chocnut 120
Singlish Cafe Laksa 198
                       Roti 98
Cookie Mug milk 68
                     choco 78
                     mocha 78
                     monster cupcake 60

Here's a link to Lilac Street Food Crawl - Marikina | Part 1

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