Mt. Maculot Itinerary: day hike

Mt. Maculot rockies
Hiking, Mountain Climbing | Mt. Maculot/ Mt. Makulot via traditional trail
Cuenca, Batangas
685 MASL (Rockies); 835 MASL (Summit)
Specs: Minor climb, boulder climbing on Rockies viewdeck
Trek to campsite: 2-3 hours


Things to consider:
· It can get really hot at the grassland and campsite since there aren’t any shady trees; make sure you bring proper protection (arm guards, hat)
. There’s a deep well pump near the barangay hall. The water is potable
· There’s a water source about 15 minutes away from the campsite, also potable
. There are plenty of rest stops on the trail
· The small shanties on the campsite sell basic essentials like canned food, noodles, water, softdrinks, ice! and even halohalo!, at double to triple price

. Taking a private car reduces travel time by around 30 minutes
. You may buy supplies/grocery at the bayan market
· Summit assault is optional because trekking during lunchtime is very hot
. There's a trail to traverse the mountain where you will pass by the grotto; it takes about the same amount of time but the trail is harder
. You may, of course, adjust this itinerary if you wish to stay overnight; Don't forget to take into consideration the additional trekking time up and down the mountain since you'll be bringing a heavier backpack

Budget: around P480 per pax.
Budget estimate for 6 people:
720 bus to Batangas (~P120 from Taft)
780 bus back to Manila (~P130)
120 bus to Lipa (~P20)
120 jeep fare
60 barangay fees (P10)
320 trike fees (2 trikes per leg, P40/trike)
500 food share
250 misc

Panoramic view on the way to rockies

Summit on top, shoulder campsites on the middle, trail to rockies on bottom right

Itinerary and expenses recorded on March 30, 2008

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  1. Magkaiba po ba ang way papunta sa Mt. Maculot at pabalik sa Terminal ng Batangas? Napansin ko kasi na pag papunta ay sa Lemery ang baba then sasakay pa ng jeep and Trike. Paano naman po ang pabalik? bakit po sa Lipa na ang terminal? Thanks in advance.


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