Potipot Island Itinerary: 2 days

My camera does not give justice to this breath taking sight.
Beach, Island Hopping | Potipot Island
Bgy. Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales
0 MASL (beach)
Specs: Private Island, can be circumvented in 20 minutes
Travel time (from Manila): 5-6 hours


Things to consider:
. To get to Potipot Island, you must take a bus that will pass by Candelaria, Zambales. For Victory Liner, those would be their trips to Iba or Santa Cruz.
· No decent bathroom on this private island. Deep well pump available(tubig poso), but you can request clean water from your boatman
· Many spots for beautiful pictures with fallen trees
· Potipot Island is so small, it can be circled by a 10-20 minute walk!
· Clean sand and clear water. Shallow beach up to 5 meters from the island
· Calm waves
. Bring your skimboard if you have one

· Taking a private car will reduce travel time by about 45 mins. No bad roads on the way.
· This can be done as a day trip (leave after lunch); but that means you’ll be spending more time on the road than enjoying the beach
. If you don't feel like roughing it, You may stay overnight at the resorts in the mainland. Room rates are reasonable.
· You can stop by Olongapo or Subic for dinner before heading back to Manila.
. If you plan to stay the night in the Subic area, I suggest you book yourselves a room in any of these hotels since they are located in the Waterfront area:
The Lighthouse Marina Resort
Court Meridian Hotel
Herbies Mansion
Grande Island Resort
· Candelaria, Zambales is only about 2 hours away from Pundaquit, Zambales to the South (jumpoff of Anawangin cove) or Bolinao, Pangasinan to the North (Another famous beach with lighthouse)

Budget around 1240 per pax (excluding hotel accomodation)
Budget estimate for 6 people:
400 boat (P400/6 persons)
2580 bus to Sta Cruz (~P430 from EspaƱa)
1338 bus to Olongapo (~P223)
1206 bus from Olongapo to Manila (~P201)
600 campsite fee for 6 people (P50 day/P100 overnight)
1000 food share
300 misc

view of sunrise from the island

view of sunrise

Itinerary and expenses recorded on June 8, 2008


  1. i really wanted to experience this, can a 50 persons be accommodated at the island? who's the person to talk to for the boat rental? i really wanted to promote this place for a great experience!

  2. is there anybody who knows the contact number of the island manager? thanks alot!

  3. Hi nemi chan,
    50 persons can go to the isalnd, but there is no 'real' accomodation facilities. you can bring your own camping equipment for that.

    i will try to find the contact number for a boatman for you..

    thank you for visiting!

  4. hi, can i have the no. of the boat man?

  5. Hi,
    Here is the contact number where boat rentals can be arranged: Aling Minda 0939-3233459.

    I can refer you to a friend of mine who can arrange the trip for you, less hassle.

  6. Why not let me take you (6-7) from Manila to Potipot Island and back using my white 2010 Innova for as low as 2200 per pax for 2 days? Price includes air conditioned accommodation in a nearby resort, boat ride to and from Potipot Island and entrance fee to Potipot Island. I can lend you my own tent/s for free. I can order some suman and latik from my relatives there for you to take home. Its a Masinloc, Zambales local specialty treat that will make you keep on coming back to the place. We can make stops to some scenic spots or have some side trips along the way to make the most out of your escapade. Text me @ 0923.611.0654 and let us make the arrangement. Thank you.

    - ChrizP

  7. rondel ordanez11 May, 2011 11:35

    kimot.!odeng to.may update ka sa IT na to?planning to crash on potipot on may 27. thanks!

  8. Odeng!

    Pano ka napadpad dito?
    This IT is still good. Medyo add lang sa budget kasi peak season ngayon summer saka sumisikat na yung place, palaging nafefeature sa TV.

    Thanks for visiting!

  9. kimotttttt!kamusta na?di ko alam makati din yang kamay mo sa pag bblog ah. haha napadpad ako kasi nag hahanap nga ako ng It.i dunno y i landed on ur page hehehe..iniisip ko p ng asabi ko familiar tong indie E. pagkita ko ng pic. "aysus kaya pala" kasiraang buhay!

  10. odeng,

    Di naman masyado... stay at home kasi ako kaya ganun. Kitakits soon!

  11. Ano po magandang way papunta ng potipot galing manila?? via subic olongapo or via camiling, lingayen?? thank you sa sasagot..

  12. Ano po magandang way papunta ng potipot galing manila?? via subic olongapo or via camiling, lingayen?? thank you sa sasagot..

  13. Hi po. Just to confirm lang, you posted 100 na overnight fee? May mga posts kasi na 300. Is that for the tent or for the entrance.
    Maraming salamat. c",)
    Any idea rin po magkano rent ng tents for overnight? Thanks again.


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