Mt. Isarog Itinerary: 2 days

Approaching the mighty Mt. Isarog
Hiking, Mountain Climbing | Mt. Isarog via Patag-patag trail
Barangay Consocep, Tigaon, Camarines Sur
Specs: Major climb, strenous, steep trails with some crawling needed, Rafflesia baletei endemic in its dense forest; view of Bicol peninsula towns and neighboring Mt. Asog, Mt. Malinao and Mt. Masaraga
1966m ASL
Trek to summit: 8-10 hours


Things to consider:
. A Climbing permit from DENR-PAMB is required to climb Mt. Isarog. You may contact the local government or Jojo Villareal of Kadlangan outdoor shop in Naga City for assistance.
. Popular buses that travel to Naga are Philtranco/TRITRAN/Isarog lines. Any buses headed for Southern Bicol also pass by Naga City.
. There are different bus types to choose from when travelling from Manila: ordinary (non-airconditioned), Airconditioned, Deluxe (Lazy-boy seats), Special (First class style, with restrooms).
· Fill your water reservoirs at Brgy. Consocep because there is no water source up the mountain
. Make sure to remind the hired jeep to return on a specific time to pick you up (better yet, get a cellphone number)
. Camp 2 soil tends to be marshy during rainy season because the area is not really a clearing nor part of a ridge
. Steep assaulting trail with some parts requiring you to crawl under bamboo
. The summit is just a small clearing but on a clear day it offers a fantastic view of the neighboring Bicol peninsula towns and mountains: Mt. Asog, Mt. Malinao, Mt. Masaraga and Mt. Mayon (volcano) afar.
. Tumaguiti falls, Bulalacao falls and four smaller ones can be found at the foot of Mt. Isarog in Barangay Consocep
. More info about Mt. Isarog National Park may be found here.

. Taking a private car reduces travel time by around 1 hour (no need to stop at Naga bus station)
. There are also flights to Naga City via Airphil Express (Daily ETD Manila 0645 – ETA Naga 0730; ETD Naga 0800 – Eta Manila 0845) or Cebu Pacific (Daily ETD Manila 0620 – ETA Naga 0715; ETD Naga 00735 – Eta Manila 0830)
. In Naga city, instead of hiring a jeep you may take a bus or van going to Hanawan, Tigaon Cam. Sur and take a tricycle to Brgy. Consocep (base camp)
. Other assembly options: Pasay bus station
. You have the option to meet the guides at Naga terminal or at Consocep resthouse
. Another trail to try is the Carolina trail via Barangay Panicuason (traditional trail).
. Back at the jump off, you may choose to spend the night and camp out Consocep resthouse/Consocep mountain resort or Head to an inn at Naga City proper (have a good rest and leave for Manila the next day). Others prefer to head for Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) for more adventure (wakeboarding, accomodations available).

Budget: around P-- per pax.
Budget estimate for -- people:
-- airfare Manila-Naga-Manila (~P1400-2600)
-- bus to Naga City, Camarines Sur (~P350-700 from Cubao)
200 DENR permit for 2 days (P100 per person, per day)
-- bus back to Manila (~P350-700)
-- jeep fare
-- guide fee
800 food share
400 misc

The 'real jumpoff' about 30 minutes from Consocep mountain resort by foot

Crawling time! (Picture from Melai)

Dense mossy forest (Picture from Jena)

Itinerary and expenses recorded on October 1, 2007
Updated Dec 10, 2008

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