Kawasan Falls + Moalboal Beach, Cebu Itinerary: 2 days

Bamboo rafting in turquoise waters of Kawasan Falls
Hiking, Waterfalls | Kawasan Falls and Moalboal Beach
Badian and Moalboal, Cebu
Hours from Cebu City: 2-3 hours
Specs [Kawasan Falls]: Light hiking, waterfalls, lagoons, freshwater spring, small water dam and hydro-electric power station
Specs [Moalboal Beach]: White sand beach, snorkeling, diving, island hopping, dolphin watching

. This is more of a "hi, bye, Kawasan and Moalboal" Trip, suited for weekend travelers.
. To go to Kawasan Falls, take a bus with signboard “Cebu to Bato via Barili”
. I suggest taking your breakfast on the bus to save time; just buy your breakfast to-go before leaving Cebu City or take breakfast at the rest stop in the town of Barili.
· Non-airconditioned buses are more common than airconditioned ones.
. On the way to Kawasan, you will pass by the town of Carcar, famous for its turn-of-the-century architecture (Vigan of Cebu).
· Kawasan Falls entrance fee is P10.
. Reaching the falls requires a light 20-30 minute walk, passing by a small hydro-electric power station.
. There are cottages, rooms, mini stores (selling basic necessities and souvenirs) and restaurants (they serve beer) around levels 1 and 2 of the falls (Establishments have been closed by the government around the falls topreserve its natural beauty).
. Bamboo rafts and picnic tables are also available for rent.
. No special skills needed to reach all 3 waterfall levels; Kawasan falls is very family-friendly.
. You will find a small water dam in level 3.
. Some extreme outdoor enthusiasts go canyoneering beyond level 3. Book with Philippine Adventure Consultants more info.
. The last trip to Cebu City from Matutinao Bus Stop (in front of the Church) is 2000H
. Buy your supplies in Moalboal market (food, drinks, snacks, pasalubong)
. Tell the habal-habal driver to bring you to Basdako beach (Big sand). You can also visit Pangsama beach but the water is more suitable for diving.
. There are different beach accomodations to choose from. Prices range from P350-P800 (fan room for 2 or group of 4-6), and P800-3500 (aircon room).
. Watch out for food peddlers for a taste of local food and snacks such as ice cream, fried bananas and rice cakes.
. There are restaurants in big resorts that serve all-day meals and alcohol.
. You won’t find late night bars in Moalboal beach. So, just take a good night’s rest for your adventure the next day.
. For non-divers, enjoy snorkeling in the beach (bring your snorkel gear or rent one for P100-P300), rich coral and marine life is just 20 meters away from the shore! There are also dive shops offering diving lessons.
. For divers: You can try wreck diving at night or visit the Marine sanctuary, Pangsama beach and Pescador island (you may need to spend another night!)

. Best use this itinerary as a filler to your even bigger Cebu itinerary (Cebu City, Malapascua, Bantayan, Camotes, etc.).
. Other airlines aside from Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly to Cebu City, like Zest Air, Sea Air, Philippine Airlines and Airphil Expresss. Check their websites to see their flight schedules.
. The flight schedules sampled above may change in time. I suggest that you check their websites and adjust the itinerary to fit your schedule.
· Taking private car will reduce travel time by about 20 minutes. Park your car outside the Kawasan Falls entrance (beside Brgy. Matutinao Church); Beach resorts in Moalboal will have their own parking space for customers.
. From Kawasan falls, proceed to Moalboal by taking a bus going to Moalboal from the bus stop across Matutinao Church. If buses are hard to come by, you may take 2 jeep rides: first one going to Badian Market, and the second one going to Moalboal Market. Always ask the jeepney drivers so you don’t get lost.
. On the way back to Cebu City, you will pass by the town of Carcar again, you may choose to drop yourselves there for a quick tour and just catch another bus back to the City.
· You can choose to stay in Cebu city for another night or two –for a tour of the city- before flying back for Manila

Budget around P1448 (P3848*) per pax
Budget estimate for 2 people:
4000 promo fare round trip airfare from Manila (price ranges from P288-P3500 per person)*
800 airport terminal fee (P200 per person, per flight)*
115 approx. taxi fare to South bus terminal
180 bus South terminal to Badian (~P80-P90 per person)
800 cottage/room accommodation for 2 (~P400-P3000++)
200 bus Moalboal market to Cebu City
100 approx. taxi fare from city to airport (or hotel)
1000 food share
500 misc (entrance fees, picnic table, habal-habal fees and tips, etc.)
*Estimated budget if you are coming from Manila

.habal-habal – tandem passenger motorcycle
.bayan/mercado – market, small town business center
.merienda – afternoon snack
.pasalubong – take-home gifts for friends and relatives; similar to Japanese omiyage

You'll pass by a mini dam on your way to the higher falls.

One of the many waterfalls of Kawasan in Badian

Family friendly cottages and accomodations

Laidback scene in Basdako, Moalboal

Itinerary and expenses recorded on April 12, 2009
Updated March 2013


  1. Hello there!
    If in case you're looking for a place to stay in Moalboal, welcome po kayo sa SeaBreeze Cottages. Walking distance lang siya sa Talisay Beach (Basdiot Fish Sanctuary) and Panagsama Beach.

  2. Thank you for posting, Shine!
    Basdako (White beach) and Talisay beach are both located in Barangay Saavedra.

  3. Hi,

    We're going to Cebu in February, and I don't know what to do. I've read reviews about Bantayan, Malapascua, Sumilon, Camotes, and Moalboal. I'm even considering hopping to Panglao instead. 1. Which do you think has the best beach (white sand, sandy, clear waters, good for swimming and snorkeling. I do not dive though.)?

    I've been to Camiguin, Puerto Princesa, Coron, Anawangin, Potipot, Galera, Boracay. If you've been to any of these places (I think you've been to the Zambales beaches), 2. how would you compare Cebu's beaches (NOT night life, or ambiance, or food, or anything else) to the others?

    Help, please...



    PS: Good itinerary though. If you don't reply, I'm following your outline and going to Bantayan. (Plus Plantation, unless you think it's not worth it).

  4. Hi Romeo,

    The best beach I think is in Bantayan in terms of clear waters and sandy shores. The waves are also calm enough to swim in.
    If you are more into snorkeling than swimming, then I suggest you take a boat to Virgin Island in Bantayan or go to Moalboal instead.
    Malapascua attracts more divers, Camotes is not really geared for tourists, and I haven't been to Sumilon but I heard it's expensive to go here.

    Hmm... comparing the beach quality is hard.
    I would say the beach in Bantayan (Sugar beach area) is comparable to that of Boracay. Just be sure to stay away from the pier area. If you are thinking of wandering farther, I think you'll enjoy the beaches of Siquijor or Panglao (Bohol).

    Thank you for reading my blog!
    Let me know how your trip went.

  5. Moalboal Cebu is indeed a great place for laid back beaches, snorkeling and diving activities. Just in case you're looking for an affordable guest house, come and stay in SeaBreeze Cottages.

  6. Hi,
    need some help wit information, I though maybe you can help me.
    Me & my two girlfriends are thinking of going to moalboal this april. but im not sure if tha's the best place we are loking for. we want to go for relaxing beach, with some adventure also. nd maybe nighttime has something to do too. we have two days & two nights so we want to make mos of our vacation. is moalboal a good choice? Thanks..

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    Moalboal is a great place for adventure and some relaxation. If you have the budget, I suggest you stay in Club Serena resort for top class accomodation. You and your friends can go snorkeling and intro diving, dolphin watching or do the Kawasan falls adventure I outlined here.
    As for the night life, Moalboal does not have a colorful night life comparable to those in Puerto Galera or Boracay. You can do that in Cebu City instead before you wrap up your trip.

    Thanks for reading my blog!
    Please share my website with your friends!

  8. perfect for family vacation.
    Thanks for sharing this to us.


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