PNR Train to Naga City starts operating tomorrow!

PNR city commuter train
The Philippine National Railway (PNR) is formally re-opening its Manila-Bicol line starting tomorrow, June 30, 2011. This is really great news for commuting travelers! It is also very timely for the MFPI Luzon Summit in Bagasbas, Daet!

I want to go!!!

PNR used to travel all the way to Albay until 10 years or so ago when the railways in Bicol were flooded and some rails in Quezon were reportedly stolen. That ended my dream of doing the 'Bicol Express' train ride. Since then, the train only traveled as far as BiƱan, from Tutuban station.

Sleeper coaches will ply the tracks leading south - to Naga City. Travel time takes about 10 hours and fare starts at around P550 (tourist coach) up to P950 (sleeper coach). It's just as fast as the bus, so why take the train? L-E-G-R-O-O-M. No, make that lie-on-your-back-without-feeling-like-you're-sitting-on-a-dental-chair.

Ordinary bus to Bicol = Numb butt and Sticky hair

Bus fares to Naga City range from P300 (non-airconditioned aka ordinary) up to about P900 (deluxe lazy boy bus). Just do the math to see if the train is a viable option for you. As for me, I think it's definitely worth a try for the sake of experience!

PNR will soon reach Albay again :)


  1. It was said on the news today that PNR is temporarily holding operations to Naga. Ugh, that's disappointing...

  2. Taena Kim. Buhay pa pala tong blog mo.

  3. Hi privelegedaccess,

    Syempre! Unti-unting post lang pag may time! Paki 'like' naman ang blog ko! hehe

  4. Hey, Good news! I rode on the commuter PNR yesterday and asked about the Bicol express - they said it's operating as usual.

  5. I want to go Naga tru the train,.can i drop at Ipil station then can i ride again at Ipil station on the third day to Legaspi Albay?what hou and schedule of the PNR to Bicol? I hope you could share an info. my email thanks
    and if in PNR they have a Food store or snack inside train?


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