Mt. Kanlaon Itinerary: 3+1 days

Mt Kanla-on's Margaja valley and Makawiwili peak
Hiking, Mountain Climbing | Mt. Kanlaon Traverse Itinerary via Mananawin-Wasay Trail
Jumpoff: Sitio Mananawin, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental
Trail end: Wasay trail to Mambukal Resort, Murcia, Negros Occidental
2435 MASL (Crater Peak); MASL (Makawiwili Peak); 2300 MASL (Oriental saddle campsite)
Specs: Strenous trekking, at least 8 hours per day, mostly assault; Margaja Valley (old crater), new crater, Makawiwili peak, mountain lagoons, bird watching, Mambukal hot spring resort.
Trekking time: 1 day to base camp; 2 days descend.

. Mt. Kanlaon is the highest mountain in the Visayas and the 3rd largest active volcano in the Philippines. It is also spelled as Kanla-on or Canlaon.
. A climbing permit from DENR is required to climb this mountain volcano (P350 per person).
. The number of climbers is limited to 10 persons plus the local guide(s).
. From Citilink terminal in Cebu, the v-hire van fare to Toledo City is P100 per person.
. The fast craft fare from Toledo City, Cebu to San Carlos, Negros Oriental is P120, plus P15 terminal fee.
. The trike/padyak (3-wheeled passenger motorcycle/ bike) fare to get to San Carlos Transport terminal is P10 per person.
. The bus from San Carlos City to Canlaon City is P55.
. The fare from Ceres South bus terminal in Bacolod City to Canlaon City is P90.
. Register and confirm your pre-approved climbing permit from the DENR office in Canlaon City. Guide fee is P500 per day (1:5 ratio), porter fee is P300 per day. The office can provide the guides and porters if you don’t have a pre-arranged one. I can recommend our guide, too (contact me for details).
. To get a permit, you need to fill out a form and have it notarized. Then, submit it to the park officer with your payment.
. Here is a copy of the form for download (coming soon).
. The habal-habal (tandem ride on a motorcycle) fare to Sitio Mananawin is P100. 4x4 jeepney or a Canter truck may also be rented for large groups.
. From the jumpoff, the trail starts on an exposed vegetable farm with a gradual sloping terrain.
. Have your lunch along the trail where water source is available (water pipes are laid on some parts of the trail); otherwise, push to ‘Patay na Ilog’ to have your lunch.
. When it rains, ‘Patay na Ilog’ (dead river) becomes ‘alive’. Be alert for the possibility of flash flood.
. As with most mountains in the Philippines, Mt. Kanlaon is a sacred mountain, so try to keep the noise down, especially upon entering the forest line.
. Once you exit the mossy forest, you will be able to see the crater and the saddle area (camp site) – it may look like a short hike away but it may take 2+ hours to get there because of the steep climb.
. A great sunset view waits at the campsite. From there, you can see the new crater (summit), Margaja/Margaha valley (old crater), San Carlos City, Cebu Island and the Makawiwili peak.
. Ask your guide for directions to the water source. For your safety, only use that water for cooking and cleaning.
. Be sure to bring cold weather clothing as the temperature drops after sundown.
. The way to the summit is rocky and steep but the view is breathtaking!
. Be careful when exploring around the crater rim because of the risk of falling into it.
. The trail to Makawiwili peak is gradually descending followed by another steep assault.
. Going down Wasay trail (longest trail in Mt. Kanlaon), you will pass by mountain lagoons: PMS camp, SAMOC lagoon and RAMS lagoon (a brief 15 min detour to this one).
. The Hardin Sang Balo campsite is still at around 2000masl high. Twisted mossy trees seemingly taken from an LOTR book surround this part of the mountain.
. The cemented road in the PNOC site is not the end of the Wasay trail. You may take your lunch here and proceed across the road to continue your journey.
. Munia bird sightings is one of the highlights of Wasay trail.
. After crossing the PNOC road, the trail will become maze-like with so many Y-branches. Be sure you get an experienced guide to avoid getting lost.
. Entrance fee to Mambukal resort is P30. There are additional entrance fees to use the swimming pool (P50), hot spring pool (P50), etc. Food and drinks are sold inside the compound.
. The bus fare from Mambukal resort to San Carlos City is P110. The jeep fare to Bacolod City is P35.

. Climbers coming from Manila may book a flight to either Cebu or Bacolod – whichever is more convenient.
. From Bacolod City, you may also take a bus bound to San Carlos City (via Don Salvador Benedicto), travel time is 3 hours. Then follow the itinerary from there.
. Other trails in Mt. Kanlaon are: Maput/Mapot in Canlaon City, Masulog trail also in Canlaon City and Guintubdan trail in La Carlota City.
. You may camp out at the exposed saddle area or move on to the forested campsite on day 1.
. If you have extra time (and energy), you may go down Margaha valley and explore the old crater. It gets partially filled with water during rainy season.
. PMS camp, Samoc lagoon, RAMS lagoon and the area around Hardin Sang Balo all turn into a swamp after heavy rains.
. There many things to do in Mambukal resort like wall climbing, boating, climbing the 7-level waterfalls, treetop adventure, zipline, etc. Overnight lodging is available if you wish to spend the night there.
. The last trip to Bacolod City from Mambukal resort is around 8:00PM. You will have to rent transportation in case you will to get back in the city late at night.
. The last fast craft trip from San Carlos City to Toledo City is 4:30PM; so, you will have to spend the second night somewhere in Mambukal, Bacolod or San Carlos.
. There’s also the option of taking a ferry to Cebu City pier or a bus straight to Cebu City from Bacolod City.

Budget: around P 1100 per pax from Canlaon City
Budget estimate for 5 people:
1750 Climbing permits
250 notary public
100 Habal habal
500 Climbing guide
150 Mambukal; resort entrance fee
250 Dipping pool (hot spring) entrance fee
2000 food share
500 misc

Additional from Cebu: P621
500 v-hire
600 fast craft to San Carlos
75 terminal fee Toledo wharf
100 tricycle
55 bus to Canlaon City
550 bus Murcia (Mambukal) to San Carlos City
600 fast craft back to Toledo
125 terminal fee San Carlos wharf
500 v-hire

Additional from Bacolod: P125
450 bus to Canlaon City
175 jeep to Bacolod City

Next stop: Canlaon City

Mossy forest

Entering the grassland, whew!

Last push to campsite - 2 hours away!

Sunset (pardon the poor shot)

View of San Carlos City, Tanon strait and Cebu Island

Summit view: saddle camp and Makawiwili peak

Peek into the center of the earth: Mt. Kanlaon crater hole

Hidden dangers lie on the crater rim so be extra careful!

Mt. Kanlaon crater mouth

PMS camp (old NPA camp)

RAMS lagoon (I also don't know what it stands for)

Itinerary and expenses recorded on June 2011.


  1. nice blog.. by anychance do you have a trusted guide you can refer? il be climbing kanlaon alone thi october and im looking for a guide that can help me.. thanks.

  2. Thanks for visiting!
    Yes, I can recommend a guide for you. Are you from Manila?
    Pls send your email add here (I won't publish it).


  3. Hi Indie. We'll be climbing kan-laon via Mananawin-Guintubdan. I would like to ask for some info about water sources along Mananawin trail if there's any. Thanks!

  4. Hello,

    Mananawin trail passes by vegetable plantations so you will pass by water pipes along the way before you reach the forest line. You can refill your bladders where you find tube segments (just be sure to place them back properly). The next non-stagnant water source is at the Patay na Ilog (river crossing portion).

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Sir Indie, do you have any contacts on the guides? help mo group namin thanks po.

    email add:

  6. Hi Sir, Just want to ask where will i send the needed forms for the permits? also do you have a contact number of the DENR? Please do reply at
    Thanks a lot!

    - Agnes.

  7. Hi. How long does it take to process the necessary permits? Do you know where we can download the documents needed for the climb? thanks. we will be going there this february :)

  8. Here is Kanla-ons official Facebook page

  9. well-written article.
    salamat sa info.
    sir possible na gawin 1 day lang wasay trail?
    sir pwede pa send sa email ko yun para guide.

    salamat sir..

  10. hi, we'll be climbing kanlaon this oct 28-31 but me and my wife are planning to go to cebu after the climb. according sa itinerary nmin, DAY 3 and dating nmin sa baba ( Guintubdan Entrance Station) is around 12-1pm. ang last trip ng fast craft sa san carlos city is 3:45pm going to toledo. ilang hrs kya from Guintubdan Entrance Station or la carlota to san carlos pra maabutan nmin un last trip ng fast craft?

    thnx so much...

    richard from san pedro, laguna

  11. Hi Indie,

    We are planning to do a 2-day Mt Kanlaon hiking trail between 21-24
    December 2012 (where we plan on 22 & 23 Dec as hiking days). We emailed Sir Angelo Bibar regarding details about the hike, permit etc. but we didn't get any response. We are desperate to know the full on details which your blog proves to be informative and also a guide towards the trek.

    Please email me : (Cebu City)


  12. @ken |

    Medyo mahaba yung Wasay trail - akyat baba sa ridge so I don't recommend na overnight trip there. Pwede siguro ibang trail entry point and then baba sa Wasay Trail para relax relax sa Mambukal Resort hot spring :)

  13. @Richard Pepino

    Not sure kung san exactly yung Guintubdan entrance station. Pero from Wasay trail, after resting in Mambukal Resort, we had to take a rented bus to Bacolod City (about 1 hour ride). We got off at the bus terminal where we took another bus back to San Carlos (around 3 hours). From San Carlos we took a tricycle to the port and then Morning the next day na kami nakasakay (we took the first trip). Some of our companions took the midnight us back to Cebu City (Ro-Ro). I went with Cebu mountaineers kasi so our entry point was from Cebu.

  14. @possibilites

    If you're planning to start from Canlaon City side, you can just drop by the DENR office in the public market. They can help you arrange your climb. I can't guarantee it but there should be slots available during off-peak season (peak season is summer).

    A friend of mine offers adventure tour/guide services there (they are Cebu-based but can arrange permits and stuff), contact Larry of Philippine Adventure Consultants 09328844419. Tell him Indie Escape recommended you :)

  15. Can Indie or Larry please contact me regards charity camp in favour of kids from sugar plantation- trekking at Canlaon from 4 - 7th Dec 2012 on my Singapore mobile +65 96458840 (Rev Gerard Seow)

  16. hi... i can also guide to mt. kanlaon...

    here's my link thanks!


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