New Bohol Tourism Campaign Unveiled

It's more fun in the Philippines indeed as the Provincial Government of Bohol introduces its newest tourism campaign dubbed "Bohol: Heart of the Islands - Truly Philippines". The campaign aims to showcase the rich historical and cultural backdrop of Bohol that is truly Filipino.

Brand new logo showing the famous Chocolate Hills

One day is not enough

Bohol has a lot to offer to tourists. For starters, there are the essential Bohol tourist spots which include the historical blood compact site, colonial churches, the scenic Loboc River, Tarsier sanctuary, Panglao beach, and the postcard-famous Chocolate Hills.

For the more veteran traveler, Bohol boasts itself as home to some of Asia's superlative destinations such as the largest mangrove project, the best preserved Jesuit church and the Dajanon double-barrier reef (one of only 6 in the world).

According to legend, these were formed from a broken-hearted giant's tears

"Bohol has it all - It's all in Bohol!" - Gov. Ed Chatto

Heart of the Islands - Truly Philippines

Bohol geographically sits at the center of the Philippines. Literally it is at the heart of the islands. But more than that, its people and its well-preserved heritage makes the heart beat. The Philippine culture is very much alive in Bohol. Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang, the marketing agency in charge of the campaign summarized Bohol's Truly Filipino characteristics in these 5 Pillars: Sense of Spirituality, Architecture, Art and History, Food, and the Sense of Vibrancy of the people.

A heart melting performance by the Loboc Children's Choir

"You can eat in 10 houses for free!" - A. Maclang on Bohol Fiestas

This year, and beyond

Starting this year, the province gears itself with even more reasons to be visited. A second airport is set to be constructed in Panglao Island and a zipline in Danao that would rival the longest in Asia is in the works (pegged 1.5km long).

There are also plans to restore historical structures and revive the dying art of pottery in Albur with the help of the Philippine Bohol Art Foundation Institute (PBAFI).

The official launch of Bohol's new tourism campaign is slated in 2013. Leading up to it, a number of events are lined up this year to showcase the rich and vibrant culture of Bohol. Kicking it off is the Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK), a grand homecoming of Boholanos from around the world happening on May 10, followed by a food festival in conjuction with the Sandugo Festival in July.

Gov. Chatto and Sec. Jimenez Jr., together with Bohol's provincial representatives

"I am emotionally connected to Bohol" - Sec. R. Jimenez Jr.

Bohol's new brand

Bohol markets itself as an all-in destination where one can truly experience Philippines in all its aspects. The new brand should help posit Bohol as the number one tourist destination in the Philippines, for local and foreign visitors alike.

The unveiling event was attended by no less than the Governor of Bohol, Edgardo Chatto, and the Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. I felt honored to be an audience in the event as well.

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