Dumaluan Beach, Panglao, Bohol

Dumaluan Beach in Panglao is a second-string destination in Bohol. It's mostly visited by locals for its budget-friendly-anything-goes atmosphere. Here are the reasons why I love this place:

Family friendly beach

There are less restaurants, beach side bars and, oh well let me say it, tourist traps. To say it simply, it's probably Alona Beach (the more popular beach in Panglao) 10+ years ago.

One can almost feel the breeze...

It might be a tad less international in terms of public toilets and accommodation options, but it's got top rank fine white sand - enough to get you solar blind at the peak of the day.

Blinding brightness, be sure to bring sun protection

The pristine shoreline stretches all the way to Bohol Beach Club, one of the first resorts to set up shop in Panglao, located in Barangay Bolod all the way to the right end of the coast. You can do a quick walkathon along the shore to have a peek at it (I did!).

Past the flags is Bohol Beach Club (BBC)

To get to Dumaluan Beach, hire a tricycle or a vehicle from Tagbilaran town. It's approximately 15 minutes by motorbike if you're coming from Alona Beach. Don't miss the old houses on your way there.

Tranquil afternoon (Bohol Beach Club property)

Be prepared to pay an 'entrance fee' if you'll be passing through one of the beach resorts to get to the sea (~P100).

Dumaluan Beach Resort

Picnics are not encouraged on the beach - which I totally agree with - to lessen trash. You'll have to get your fill inland. Some resorts serve barbecue meals and drinks (including beer), but you better put in your order early to beat the lunch rush.

Dumaluan scene

Family tables and beach equipment rentals are also available. If you just feel like lazing around, you can rent a beach bed or hire a masseuse (by the hour). Oh yeah, life is good in Dumaluan Beach!

Fishing village at the far end of the coast past BBC

A note to travelers, though: most beach goers here are conservative locals, so try to cover up when you're not in the water to avoid unnecessary attention.

No dress code, but try to blend in: tank tops and shorts over your swimsuit

Have you been to any of Panglao's beaches? Which beach would you recommend?

Does this count as a selfie?

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